Thursday, January 27, 2011

Today I lost my job and started this blog

Fired for a bad mystery shop. I won't go into it much but we'll say that I've been with the place for months and was basically fired for my bad wine knowledge. The thing is I don't even like wine, I'd drink mascato but that is like seriously cheating, mascato is like liquid candy refreshment.

Anyways, I had no idea how decent the image quality would be when offloaded from my cell phone, I mean check that out. Technology is amazing. My mother in law laughed her ass off at me when I stole her iPad away and was staring in amazement at it. Seriously, that thing is like back to the future quality.

Desperation ensues when I realize I have no job (aka no money). It's sad, the first thing I thought was, "Does this mean I can't use you guys for a reference, I wonder what I'll put on my resume..." But we are moving in like a month or two so I don't see the point of snagging a job that would only last that long so I suppose while el husband is at work I'll be packing things..? I need boxes, this will be my new job, I will not despair! This house will be all boxed up in no time! Dishes need to be done? No problem! Cat litter/bunny litter is a mess! I can do that! Holy crap I need to make dinner and then probably clean out the fridge, take out garbage, recycling, go to the bank, get new glasses, fix my shoddy tooth..This is a crappy new job, house wifing..Maybe I'll just play that new MMO for a few minutes, 15 more minutes, okay then I'll get to things..