Saturday, May 26, 2012

Where art thou, Moosie-o?

I dunno, I just been busy, doin' stuff. You know.

But now I have like, no work because the apple market is screwed up so between Pilates classes and like, 2 work days I find myself with a fair amount of sudden free time. To write! Hee-heee! So yes, speaking of dropping Zen off at the orphanage I've actually been writing a little story about how she began. (After changing my mind about it like 5 times) Hooray, story! 

Also I thought I should post the really important things you've missed in my life! You know what that! 

This is the eggnog we made over Christmas last year for the work Secret Santa and then later for family Christmas and then another freaking batch for Secret Santa with the friends. (Jarrad insisted -.-; )! Because 1.It sounds right 2.It's American and so am I? 3. It has more eggs in it than the other recipes I've seen so far. So screw all the people who are afraid of salmonella poisoning and don't understand the sciencey reasons behind it being safe. (Alchohol 'cooks' the eggs or some shit, like ceviche and lime) So yeah, I'd braved the expensive alcohol and daaaaangerous eggs. Anyways, to the eggy pictures!

Jarrad and I being drunk assholes. We were at the pub and our friend Lucky was like, "What, you have faerie wings?!" So we just had to be like, "Hell yeah, wanna see?"
 Janine making a mess at Christmas time. Though I thought it was quite colorful :P
 Colin the Carrot making chaos at the packing shed on one of the last days Kim was there.
Her blog can be found here! Kim has amazing motorbike adventures with her fiancee all over the world.
 The beach at Bunbury, also taken the last day Kim was here.

Soundwave 2012 was freaking awesome! I got to see my favorite bands I never thought I'd get a chance to see. Other than falling out of love with Mr. Marilyn Manson I saw long time favorites Coal Chamber, Trivium, System of a Down and Sisters of Mercy! And new favorite The Devin Townsend Project.
 But I couldn't handle the eternal heatwave and packed bodies that is Perth.(My toes were sun burnt! )
 The ferris wheel as the sun went down over Soundwave.

 A picture of the yard how it is just this morning. Everything be turning green, yo.

So yes, life so far this year has been extremely pleasant and laid back. Hopefully soon I'll get the pictures of Balingup Farm and Field Day off of Janine's camera and up for your viewing pleasure.