Sunday, December 2, 2012

Crazy Naked Chicks

I don't care what anyone says; they're beautiful. 

This weekend we picked up Transylvania naked necks from Chookloop, a hour and some drive all the way out in Yarloop. The lady that owns the nakeds, Cathy, urged me to buy a lotto ticket because we ended up with four pullets and just one cockerel. Pretty freaking lucky, eh? This is my first flock so any advice is like, totally welcome. I thought I named the little boy James Bond because he has a bow-tie on his neck but I keep calling him Boyfriend and Preacher, which makes the girls his choir girls. I swear to god they never shut the hell up. They're always; "Peep this!" and "Peep that!" I'm trying to sleep for chrissakes. They're currently staying in the house until we move to the new property at the end of the week, or next week, or whatever. Jarrad wants to move on the 15th I think, but we GETTHEKEYSONTHE10THWOOOO!!!

Boyfriend in the middle there^ More obvious white barring.
Buns and Skittles have been replaced. Not amused.
Jarrad hasn't really been taken with the chickens at all. I am like  totally excited though because they'll be the first thing in a long time that I get to watch grow up (except Evangeline. And the Janine's silkies.) Haven't really been working a lot because of some poopie doodle neck pain shitcrapfuck going on so I'm stuck inside with the peepers. Perhaps a valid time to box up my bookshelf :P


Might be awhile before I update again. Maybe some pictures from the work Christmas party, which is going to be awesome this year! Except that Janine was invited along so I think we all have to sit on our hands on the bus ride up the Perth -pout-

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Chicken Brain

 My brain is currently obsessed with chickens. I pester the shit out of them in the day time and dream of them at night time. I swear to god I heard myself give a residual cluck as I woke up this morning. (Spoiler: we might have a new housy soon so there-will-be-chickens. Many many chickens!)
"Look Renfield, I'm drinking wine and eating chicken!"
So the pastry thingies turned out awesome. I took them into work where they were quickly set upon and devoured. So freaking easy I even decided to make them again, though the next batch was lemon butter and peaches, mmmmph!

Jarrad and I went to the 2012 Dardanup Bull and Barrel festival with cages in tow, thinking there would be tons of livestock, as was previously described to me. Unfortunately there wasn't huge variety in poultry but we did snag four beautiful silkies and a wyandotte/orpington mix from Mirasole Chickens. I'm pretty sure that like three of the silkies are little boys but the lady gave us a discounted price on them and we've been able to rehome one of the boys because a workmate lost her silkie roo to a fox :(
Not sure if this is Petal? She was the mascot for the tent.
Bringing the birds home.
And bothering the shit out of them, literally.
Megan spoils the silkies.
And makes noises so they stretch their dorky necks up.
Pretty sure they were posing for me.

I thought I'd do a little entry about Janine's chickens. Well...the OTHER chickens. They're all her chickens because we bought the silkies for her as a present. I don't really remember all their names so you'd have to hop over to her blog and bother her about them. They really are handsome birds though. Oddly enough Debbie's property is for sale and can be found on Gumtree.
Debbie's driveway. Jelous.
Some chickens grazing@Debbie's.
Janine's chickens when they first arrived.

Wondering what the hell I'm doing singing at them.

Some real bull. A whole lot of it.
A barrell bull at the Bull and Barrel?

The main event.
How rude.
There was a takoyaki stall there. Mmmmph!
A drunken mistake. Why Australia, whhhhhhy?! 
Baby ducks! Get me a ducky ._. !
Rachel and her new flow toys. 100% jelous.
Dressed up for Halloween at work. Aussies say "wat?"

Sleepy Crunchies.
Sleepy Millies.
Newys! Looking beautiful this time of year.
Spoilers ahead!
I know it's a messy update but at least you know I'm alive now :)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

"It's a bakery :D!"

Total sob story, I don't think we can afford to see Gabriel Iglesias when he comes to Perth in October. That's like when I found out that Repo played in Toledo a month after I left and Andrew Zimmern was around AND THEN I MISSED RAMMSTEIN PLAYING IN PERTH BECAUSE I NEVER READ THE PAPER. And them's just the breaks.

I wish I could make him one thousand chocolate cakes.

BUT TODAY! I have something better.

Today we're making this:Blueberry Cream Cheese BraiddadadaDAAAAH!

I've been looking a lot lately into making my own sourdough starter but I've been sort of cowed by all the information out there and all the forums littered with bread fanatics freaking the fuck out about pineapple juice versus water and unbleached white versus rye flour and catching wild yeast versus using plums or grapes and yadda yadda yadda. It's enough to make my head spin like The Exorcist. Just make a loaf of fucking bread for christ sakes, it can't be that hard and long winded. 

Anyways, I'm waiting for this book to come in the mail (after I buy it, whenever that is :o...) so I can be better informed about this decision. Because making the perfect sourdough is like..a hardcore life decision yo. Respect. 

So I've coped out and found a recipe on one of the bread forums that uses instant yeast instead of starter, so it's all like "BAM I'M BREAD" instead of "Shh, I'm taking a nap, come back after you fed me." 

Obligational picture of Buns from this morning.
Jarrad's one looked nicer than mine >.>

 And here's the halfway point. As I'm typing this these suckers are in the oven and hopefully on their way. I didn't refrigerate them overnight but did so for only 6 hours. They should be fine, eh? Slow rise my ass, I say. Aw well, we'll see if they fall flat or not. In the mean time enjoy some local port and cheese that we got from Balingup this afternoon. Plum port from the Fruit Bat place (it's cheaper than the site list) and some cheeses from Cambray Sheep Cheese! Delicious.

Now I'm off the read The Sandman, since Rachel lent it to me. Just finished reading Linsner's Dawn comics, which were totally mind blowingly awesome. Must get the rest of The Walking Dead and iZombie when I have moneys :o!

Will try to remember to post results later!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Where upon I actually venture outside

Kirup has had the flu. No really, like everyone that lives here has had it and after two weeks full of cocky sounding "not me!"s I came down with it hard. Like hardcore. Like really sick, crawling around the house moaning like a banshee. Needless to say Jarrad was not amused at the guilty-for-not-working text messages which appeared on his phone as the following:

"I'm sick :("
"It hurts i.i"
"I threw up and so did the cat so you have to clean it when you get home :)"

There's been alot of playing Rift on my time off, alot of getting back into my tiny mouse sized dwarf Silver. There's been alot of thinking (but not actually doing) about writing about Zen and her escapades again. There's been alot of sadly watching Anthony Bourdain but not being able to keep food down.

Needless to say (since I'm upright and typing coherently) I got over it.

Here are some things I pulled off my camera for your entertainment (the 3 people who read this blog.)


Bad weather, obvsly really long time ago :o
This is what happened to Christine's tube. Bun love you long time.

Bun also love Skittles long time. Sometimes when I leave the screen door open they escape together.

Crunchie love me long time. Sick face pajamas.

Nicole and Elbows' alpacas escaped into our yard! Hide the childrens!
A house in Balingup with a giraffe statue in the yard. Story please, somebody.

On the way to Smallwater Estate, their dams. 

Awesome round of tasting at Smallwater, got the latest Zinfandel and White. Sourdough by Tasty Edibles! Perfect dinner.

Just a tikka masala thing I made. I thought it was pretty but Jarrad was all; "Garnish?  Are we a fancy place to eat now?"
Yeah sorry, vanity whore here, but my hair was awesome today.
That is two french braids tied off, then made the pony of them into 1 braid and looped it  under and over. Fabs.
We're going out with Mrs. Rachel to Dilly's dam! Excellent, outside :D!

Panda is all like, "Oh shit it's her again ._. ; "

The long ass drive to the dam.

More of that drive, Pokemon Snap style :D!

Serious it's way the hell out there.
FINALLY! Freaking paradise.

Panda thinks so too.
Rachel's dog Fozzie with Panda.
"Can we go home now?"
My bookshelf is becoming seriously overloaded.
  • And 50 Shades of Grey is a steaming shit heap :) After awhile I told Jarrad that, and I think maybe he thought I was just feeling guilty about reading uhm..what is this fucking thing classified as, because I sure as hell wouldn't call that erotica. Romance novel? Anyways I started calling out every time I read the shit that was annoying me. So I laid in his room while he played his spaceship game and every time read the line I would be like; "Holy crap..." or "Holy cow.." or "Oh my" or "Wow..." It actually sort of reminded me of this post  and this post.  For real. The exclamations were about every second page through out the first half of the book. It looked like the author got her shit together halfway through. Just really horrible. I understand that the concept of BDSM is new to some people (under 13 who haven't heard Rihanna's song about it) but I don't know why this woman has exploded onto the best seller's list, honestly.
  • By the way that Tasty Edibles place in Greenbushes is awesome. He does real sourdough bread, heavy and crunchy, and he let me see his yeast.  I'm seriously nosy, my mother in law was with me and I was like, "WHAT DOES IT SMELL LIKE, SMELL IT!" at her which totally garnered a weird look from this amazing chef guy. I was all, "-sweetest smile- Sorry, anosmia, can't smell a damn thing!"
  • Also I've been eating into the Vampire Academy novels like crack cocaine. Ugh, why are they so good?! The house of Night books were a huge disappointment though, it's so easy to see they were written by two different people with a huge age gap. There was a word they kept repeating that annoyed the fuck out of me but I forget what it was, maybe something like, "It smelled delicious." Also annoying because the teenagers referred to each other as kids like; "I love that kid" as the main thought about her boyfriend. Maybe I'm wrong and it's an 'Okie' thing to do but it really rubbed me the wrong way. And I know people can write proper books together because I finally got around to reading the Acorna series last year when I remember Other Megan reading it when we were about 11 years old. See? I get around to things eventually!
  • Another also! Neweys, the official veggie shop of Kirup, has been selling amazing ass brussels sprouts as of late. I do have an aversion to most things that are green, partially due to the anosmia cutting my sense of taste by an estimated 30-40%, but not when they are slathered and made love to by some bacon. Which is why I will never truly be bffs4ever with the vegetarian at work. At least he's not a god damn vegan, I can't even look  those people in the eye. Maybe it's because I assume they can smell my carnivore stink from miles away. So anyways, eat the brussels like THIS! And rub it in your vegetarian friend's faces :)
  • I had to separate things by bullets because my blog is being a POS, goodnight everyone!