Monday, January 21, 2013

Six Soft Sexy Unsesexed Silkies


The two partridge girls (hopefully, am I right?) have come to us from Wendy at Mirasole Chickens, the same place Janine's silkies and wyandotte/buff orpington cross came from! The other 4 girls came from a real nice lady named Jaq Dhalstrom on Walkabout Farm in Donnybrook. One of the white silkies, fondly named Crossie, has a crossbeak and we got him/her for free so hopefully it doesn't die on us. Been reading up that you can shave their beaks back a bit with a fingernail file so hopefully that will do the trick. The cross beak isn't so bad that it can't eat or anything, a perky, happy chook.
Arriving home for the first time!
Such a hot day that Jarrad brought them to the AC.
Baby's first yogurt.
nomnomnomnom (Crossie top right white)
The children posing, aged 9 weeks old, HUGE!
Totally not spoiled.
Our backyard! Lookit the dam >:o
Matt and Kim dropped in for Xmas hello!
Skittles like "letmeinletmeinletmein"
Everyone chowing some yogurt, 11 weeks.
Runty being runty.
Bitch posing for the camera

So overall things are doing pretty well.
It seems like we'll never be finished doing anything in the house or on the property since we are not exactly break neck pace sort of people. Speaking of breaking necks I'm going for an MRI on Wednesday to see if there's anything causing my headaches and neck pain! It's probably all muscle related but wish me luck anyways, and pity me for having to take my tongue ring out and rejoin the ranks of the normals! Feeling quite exhausted of being in pain all the time, putting on a great big happy face at work, when I can work. I wish I could do a bit of writing but I'm feeling a bit sapped. Depressed! DON'TEATALLTHECAKEDON'TEATALLTHECAKE!