Saturday, May 21, 2011

Chicken Ass

First off a great recipe, as expected, by Rachel Ray: Late Night Bacon

And with that out of the way! As previously mentioned (at least I think) I am a sort of casual 'foodie.'

Foodie is a pretentious sort of term, like hipster, which  basically means I am a living, breathing, Hungry Hungry Hippo.

Also previously mentioned in this blog, I love Anthony Bourdain and have accidentally encountered him in my cyber space foodie fap sessions. Seriously, it was an accident like;

Because apparently Bourdain thinks it's the funniest food blog there is out there. I was dubious but started my skim reading scroll down the page whilst rolling my eyes at too much foul language and an elitist sort of attitude. And then I slowed down..and started reading and realize this person was taking seemingly unreachable foods and translating them into foods that were as easy as falling off a log. Sidenote the terminology in Hebrew; easy peasy - (Bekalley kalloot) בקלי קלות 

I'm sorry, really, but I rolled to a complete stop in scrolling because I couldn't keep from laughing after this:"Love Birds OR Quail With a Bunch of Crap Shoved Up Its Ass and Braised in Red Wine"
Photo credit
Because that is exactly what it looks like. Chicken that was forcibly drowned in red wine and molested up the no-no end with garlic mushroom stuffing but after it's trauma still looked good enough to rip apart with a fork. After all it's been through, all the PETA alert worthy trauma I would eat that poor, unfortunate chicken. 

Lots of pictures incoming sometime soon about kitchen and bathroom construction. Oh boy they look purdy! Speaking of getting ready for the big move I've called it quits with Rift (teh game) in favor of rushing around and slapping paint on the walls/throwing things in boxes/holy shit this house is broken/etc.

Etsy results for today's search: "Dirty Chicken"

"Hey baby, nice melons."
(Watermelon pun, srsly, look they're right there!)