Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend of the Balingup Medieval Fair!

Obligational link to the fair's website.

Scenery from the drive

These scarecrow guys were all over the town

Commercialization >:o
He is pissed like because I bought mead then didn't want it  "DRINK IT :D !"
A taste of Mexico, err...Spain!
A real live blacksmith. His hands were black from working all day ._.

Smug look w/smoothie :)
The burning of the dragon Saturday night.
Scenery from Sunday morning.
Belly dancin!
Yep, he's definitely dead. Skin and bones.

Parade day 2. Better position.

Skippin ladies!
Plague men, my favorite costumes there.

Volunteer drummers :D !
Camel train, cho-choooo
The Grey Company :D
My goofy ass pals :P
Back to Monday :( 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pictures instead of words

Alot has been going on lately so I am, alas, too tired to even tell anyone about it.

Instead I will lazily update my blog with pictures :D

Dat sheep at one of my back packer friend's places she is staying at . P.S  Sheeps are really loud.
Dem apple buckets at the sorting table.
In case you really wanted to see them
Harry cat lazing in front of the fire
Milly cat was running from the bunny and flew up the tree o_o
Milly is trying to eat my flower arrangement D:

Bun having a chillout on the rug
Experimental lemon/orange cake thingy. First cake made without any recipe!
Version 2. Now with added cointreau!
Paste sauce of awesome, fresh and home made.
Some trees and shit where we were exploring
Weird cactus growing out top of a car thing
Kirup Cabins! Curently for sale for about 1.5 million
Lots of pretty views :)


Also the Boyanup end of month farmer's market, so the weekend really can't come soon enough. It's like, 'One more apple day, tomorrow is Wednesday then Thursday then Friday, please god no more apples o_o..'