Thursday, April 21, 2011

Casual Gaming and Making it Work

Just making a quick opinionated post about gaming on Rift.

I like Rift because there are alot of stupid little achievements you can do to make you feel all accomplished. For example there are some where you angle yourself juuuust right and jump off the top of a tree and have to fall towards bouncy red mushrooms to survive the fall. Stupid things like that. I myself prefer artifact hunting, these tiny little sparklies along the road that you pick up and put into collections. Looking at the game, the scenic views from a mountain top or taking a swim around the beautiful underwater terrain can be fulfilling. These are things that I pick on the game that take VERY little time to do and can be stopped at the drop of the hat because we are moving two houses and sometimes I have GOT TO GO :) !

Them sexy mountians
Taking artifacts even from the dead
I decided to make my own little guild, Order of the White Turtle, when my home guilds kept falling apart due to people getting pissed off at each other over raiding times and raid loot and burning out because their girlfriends were leaving them and they'd be calling off work to game, etc. So I made a casual social guild and I let everyone who joined know that I would not always be on and that I'd even be leaving in a month or two. We have a ventrilo server (a voice chat program) and since the guild and it's laidback social style have become so popular there are usually about 10 of us from different parts of the world all having a good chat once in awhile. Since I'm on only a little bit each day I have choosen 4 people in the guild to be co-leaders and they are very helpful and friendly to the point where we all sort of know a bit of each other's lives. 

I have to say I didn't expect it but knowing these people has given me a lot of the confidence back that I had lost while working retail the last few months. They're very strongly spoken, bright personalities and it feels good to talk to people from back in America sometimes, they can be cocky and aggressive but also supportive and kind. It also helps me realize that I prefer a sort of leadership role, or to feel like I'm involved in a community and thus I've decided that I'm gonna try to dive into the community when we move down to Kirup. Hopefully we'll be able to get involved in the renaissance fair goings on that they do every year, even if it is only helping set up the grounds.
Other sexy mountians
Hittin level 50 from turning in artifacts
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Seriously? I'd totally work it though. Breakneck heels are a nice touch.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Babies Everywhere

Ahem, I'd like to clarify my earlier post a little bit.

I was a bit freaked out, here we are cleaning the house and the phone rings. "OMG HOW FAR ALONG IS SHE?" My husband spazzes into the phone, prompting me to peer around the corner and raise eyebrows at him.

Well that's confusing because my one sister in law (sort of sister in law I guess) is already like 20 weeks along and we've totally known about her for awhile now. So I wait for him to get off the phone, flapping my arms at him like, "Hurry up and tell me O_o!"

Turns out the OTHER sister in law is pregnant now, which leaves me as the only one out in the 'I Swallowed A Watermelon' club. Amazing dilemma. So I've been thinking about this for a day now, had a good long night to sleep on if I really wanna get pregnant now so our little ones can grow up together and have decided that no, I do not. Because they are about 5 years older than me and both have stable careers already, etc and I know that they are both planning on having more children. So maybe I can like, hit them up on the second wave. PLUS! They'll be able to share old baby clothes with me already. Uh-huh, I know, thought this out didn't I?

So my resolution is no babies. Not yet :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011


This post is about how everyone loves unicorns. Even adults.

Robot Unicorn Attack (flash game)

See? I totally told you so.

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Some adults even want to BE a unicorn :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Sophie Lancaster

There are no words to describe such a loss made by violent brutality. No words that I can think of, my mind just blanks out and feels a wrenching deep kind of sadness.

In 2007 a young woman named Sophie Lancaster and her boyfriend, Robert Maltby, were chosen as random targets of discrimination and a vicious hate crime was committed against them as they were walking through a park. A group of teenagers that were hopped up on alcohol beat Robert down before turning on Sophie, who dropped to cradle and protect her boyfriend's head. Sophie and Robert were mauled, their heads stomped on before the attackers fled the scene, the ambulance had a hard time even discerning if they were male or female. The attack is said to be provoked because the young 20 year old couple was dressed in an alternative gothic style.

Sophie died 13 days after the attack, she was subject to a coma and the family decided it was time to let her pass.

The 15-17 year old attackers have been sentenced to jail for a period of 16 years.

Living comfortably everyday is something to be considered a blessing, it is extremely hard for some of us to imagine that such hate crimes could be possible in this day in age. Random, senseless, violent, thuggish acts of prejudice.

The Sophie Lancaster Foundation was founded in her memory and is introducing tolerance programs into schools along with campaigning for the UK hate crime legislation to include people from 'alternative lifestyles' or of 'lifestyle and dress.'

I'm sharing this information in the hope that her story spreads. In the hope for us to raise our children with beliefs of tolerance. To keep alive the memory of a young girl who only wanted to express her creativity through her appearance. Please help us live in a culture of love and understanding, not of hate and intolerance. Let history not repeat itself. Not ever again.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Exposed, oo la la.

Haha, precious title, am I right? I'm so funny, I know, you don't have to tell me -wink-

Ahhhh, we're ripping out the kitchen! Jesus Christ, there is red dust flying all the fuck over and sticking in my hair and under my nails and I'm only supervising! We had to hire the best plumber/tradesman in the area over the weekend who, for an exorbitant fee, came and ripped apart the kitchen for us. Well if you call making dinner once and a while exorbitant, he is like, actually my father in law BUT I DIGRESS!

My kitchen is gone
After a whirlwind of sweaty men and chisels it has become apparent to me that we are not having homemade pizza tonight. I will exist solely on coffee and turkey sandwiches for the next full week. Day 2 of this predicament finds me with the wide eyes, the shakes, and a swollen waistline. This new kitchen had better look fucking fantastic and this new oven better pop out pizza that would throw Emeril Lagasse and Paula Deen into a catatonic state of euphoria, in fact it should make the pizza under 20 seconds...and wrap it up in a bow for me...with a side of cheesecake.

 Oh right, to the point, exposed brickISFREAKINGAWESOME.

Before making the giant leap to Australia I lived in small and simple Maumee Ohio in a glorious apartment above Dale's Bar and Grill. Which was, by the way, awesome. I could call down there at like 10 in the morning for a tuna salad sandwich with chili cheese fries and they'd be all, "We know that's you, come down in 10 minutes luls." After a while they figured out I was a creature of habit and just assumed my order was always going to be the same (which is it was, eh-heh..) A bit pathetic but true. Maumee is a beautiful city.

Outside view of my apt 2+ years ago
I've come to the conclusion that due to my homesickness I now really want to have a little piece of my old self and old memories (fond years after I left my aunt, poor living but I loved my city) by maybe when and if we ever build a home I could have an exposed brick kitchen or bathroom. Or maybe the whole damn house, just pretty red brick everywhere but you know maybe that would be hard to decorate around. It'd have to be ultra modern or extremely rustic me thinks. Either way this is my newly realized sort of dream. Like I don't care if it really happens but it'd be really super, get what I mean? More like a fond idea, yeah...

Now some random shots I saved off google image search of exposed brick work, woo!

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IT'S A CANDLE HOLDER! -Flouders for credit card- O_O!