Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend of the Balingup Medieval Fair!

Obligational link to the fair's website.

Scenery from the drive

These scarecrow guys were all over the town

Commercialization >:o
He is pissed like because I bought mead then didn't want it  "DRINK IT :D !"
A taste of Mexico, err...Spain!
A real live blacksmith. His hands were black from working all day ._.

Smug look w/smoothie :)
The burning of the dragon Saturday night.
Scenery from Sunday morning.
Belly dancin!
Yep, he's definitely dead. Skin and bones.

Parade day 2. Better position.

Skippin ladies!
Plague men, my favorite costumes there.

Volunteer drummers :D !
Camel train, cho-choooo
The Grey Company :D
My goofy ass pals :P
Back to Monday :( 

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  1. I saved the pics of you and Jarrod, cuz like I had no pics of you :( But now I do !!!!

    -- love meg