Sunday, February 20, 2011

Riftdrawal/WoW is annoying

Let's start this off by saying that I've been playing Rift since closed beta...5 or something? I dunno. Look, it's good, I pre ordered  the special edition and everything. Rift is god damn pretty. I know I don't really have constructive or thoughtful comments but I'm not that kind of person. I'm a chick, I'm impressed by 'pretty' things, 'sparkley' things, things that make me take screenshots. I mean..lookit that!

Screenshots don't really do it justice when you can hear the pounding waterfalls shooting out of your speakers and you're running around dodging the fire invasion shooting out of this massive rift in the sky you can see from across the map. You tilt the camera and you're like, "Whoa, holy shit, that's some fire rift!" o_o;

There are other great things about the game that people have detailed endlessly that I don't feel the need to get into. Like the amazing class system that makes me feel really immersed in the game, like I can create the unique character I always wanted.

When I ordered my game I got to choose between three little vanity pets and I got this cute as shit chicken thing that chases me around going, "Squawk, squeak, wark!" Oh shit it's so annoying and I love it! I like to climb alot of mountains I probably shouldn't be climbing in the game by force jumping my way up and I feel like my little friend is my demented companion, he seems to have alot of character. IT'S SO FLUFFY >:0!


And on a final note it's annoying as shit that my general chat is crowded by people crying about how this game is like World of Warcraft. Gamers who have been around the block much more can compare Rift to many more games, can catch glimpses of where the creators have gained their inspiration from but I feel that having such dynamic environments and an easily accessed grouping system for dealing with raids make the game that much more enjoyable. But really I think the WoW trolls won't have huge spam fights with the fanboys in general chat once they have to pay for the game. Unless they're paying for both, which some people said they will be doing...

I noticed alot of people saying they can't leave WoW because they are 'needed' because they are raiding and their guild 'needs' them, that they have a 'commitment.' I'm glad to feel under control of myself for quitting WoW after 3 years of playing, MMO addictions are no joke to me and I've seen a close family member suffer dearly for it to the point where he needed a family intervention, I've felt the need to play, I've lost hours to the screen before and have had marathons of 12-14 hour gameplay. It's no way to live really and I simply play MMOs casually now. It's important to realize that you're not 'needed.' It can be a serious addiction, rolling on loot after a long raid you get excited, the endorphins kick in and you WIN THAT PHAT PURPLE HELMET WOO! But it's just pixels, it's just like the release when you're gambling. Just-log-off. It's that easy. I told everyone I was leaving and simply shut off my account. I felt withdrawal for about 3 weeks while I was learning how to live without a constant MMO again.


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  1. Okay I gotta comment here. Now you know I have no knowledge of these games things but I needed to talk about the fluffly chick thing. you loves it because you can't wait to get those chooks (chickens in Aussie language) when we go down south. hahahahahahaha