Monday, April 4, 2011

Exposed, oo la la.

Haha, precious title, am I right? I'm so funny, I know, you don't have to tell me -wink-

Ahhhh, we're ripping out the kitchen! Jesus Christ, there is red dust flying all the fuck over and sticking in my hair and under my nails and I'm only supervising! We had to hire the best plumber/tradesman in the area over the weekend who, for an exorbitant fee, came and ripped apart the kitchen for us. Well if you call making dinner once and a while exorbitant, he is like, actually my father in law BUT I DIGRESS!

My kitchen is gone
After a whirlwind of sweaty men and chisels it has become apparent to me that we are not having homemade pizza tonight. I will exist solely on coffee and turkey sandwiches for the next full week. Day 2 of this predicament finds me with the wide eyes, the shakes, and a swollen waistline. This new kitchen had better look fucking fantastic and this new oven better pop out pizza that would throw Emeril Lagasse and Paula Deen into a catatonic state of euphoria, in fact it should make the pizza under 20 seconds...and wrap it up in a bow for me...with a side of cheesecake.

 Oh right, to the point, exposed brickISFREAKINGAWESOME.

Before making the giant leap to Australia I lived in small and simple Maumee Ohio in a glorious apartment above Dale's Bar and Grill. Which was, by the way, awesome. I could call down there at like 10 in the morning for a tuna salad sandwich with chili cheese fries and they'd be all, "We know that's you, come down in 10 minutes luls." After a while they figured out I was a creature of habit and just assumed my order was always going to be the same (which is it was, eh-heh..) A bit pathetic but true. Maumee is a beautiful city.

Outside view of my apt 2+ years ago
I've come to the conclusion that due to my homesickness I now really want to have a little piece of my old self and old memories (fond years after I left my aunt, poor living but I loved my city) by maybe when and if we ever build a home I could have an exposed brick kitchen or bathroom. Or maybe the whole damn house, just pretty red brick everywhere but you know maybe that would be hard to decorate around. It'd have to be ultra modern or extremely rustic me thinks. Either way this is my newly realized sort of dream. Like I don't care if it really happens but it'd be really super, get what I mean? More like a fond idea, yeah...

Now some random shots I saved off google image search of exposed brick work, woo!

Etsy results for today's search: "Brick House"

IT'S A CANDLE HOLDER! -Flouders for credit card- O_O!

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