Thursday, April 21, 2011

Casual Gaming and Making it Work

Just making a quick opinionated post about gaming on Rift.

I like Rift because there are alot of stupid little achievements you can do to make you feel all accomplished. For example there are some where you angle yourself juuuust right and jump off the top of a tree and have to fall towards bouncy red mushrooms to survive the fall. Stupid things like that. I myself prefer artifact hunting, these tiny little sparklies along the road that you pick up and put into collections. Looking at the game, the scenic views from a mountain top or taking a swim around the beautiful underwater terrain can be fulfilling. These are things that I pick on the game that take VERY little time to do and can be stopped at the drop of the hat because we are moving two houses and sometimes I have GOT TO GO :) !

Them sexy mountians
Taking artifacts even from the dead
I decided to make my own little guild, Order of the White Turtle, when my home guilds kept falling apart due to people getting pissed off at each other over raiding times and raid loot and burning out because their girlfriends were leaving them and they'd be calling off work to game, etc. So I made a casual social guild and I let everyone who joined know that I would not always be on and that I'd even be leaving in a month or two. We have a ventrilo server (a voice chat program) and since the guild and it's laidback social style have become so popular there are usually about 10 of us from different parts of the world all having a good chat once in awhile. Since I'm on only a little bit each day I have choosen 4 people in the guild to be co-leaders and they are very helpful and friendly to the point where we all sort of know a bit of each other's lives. 

I have to say I didn't expect it but knowing these people has given me a lot of the confidence back that I had lost while working retail the last few months. They're very strongly spoken, bright personalities and it feels good to talk to people from back in America sometimes, they can be cocky and aggressive but also supportive and kind. It also helps me realize that I prefer a sort of leadership role, or to feel like I'm involved in a community and thus I've decided that I'm gonna try to dive into the community when we move down to Kirup. Hopefully we'll be able to get involved in the renaissance fair goings on that they do every year, even if it is only helping set up the grounds.
Other sexy mountians
Hittin level 50 from turning in artifacts
Etsy results for today's search: "Renaissance"
Seriously? I'd totally work it though. Breakneck heels are a nice touch.

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