Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Curious Pie Case #1 (Donnybrook Bakery)

Sometimes I wake up and feel just like my cat.

Tripping out of bed and dragging my little body to the shower I found myself making morning grunting noises like, "Why the fuck am I awaaaaaake?" I probably looked like I was cast in Serpent and the Rainbow or The Walking Dead. After said refreshing shower I was able to pull on my, "I need to look awake now" face and charge ahead towards getting dressed and cleaning all the poopys (6 cats, 1 rabbit.) As always my cat Crunchie was there to remind me that it was 10am and this is how I felt on the inside after reading until 3 am.

The magical words my mother in law piped up;
"Megan let's go to IGA, we need bread."

So here is my official little review of the Donnybrook Bakery beef pies, which we carted home due to el grandmother piping up, "Let's do some pies!" Yes, let's, good idea, I will eat some pies. Oh also we saw this neato storm trooper guy, Jacob French, marching along for the Starlight Children's Foundation. Everyone was like stopping him and stuff and he was barely able to move through town but he is like hella brave and I wish I'd bought him a cup of tea or something but I was busy ordering my pies. GO JACOB, may the force be with you, etc >:0!

That is a cute ass pie bag, I'm srsly.

The pie itself was not exactly exciting but had a very tame sort of taste to it which allowed the small amount of onion in it to become the forerunner in palate. Not very salty and not very strong, the pie relied more on it's pastry components to bring it alive, doughy and flaky the pastry was what you'd expect from a quality bakery.  Being an American I've not experienced a lifetime of pies so my taste for them might be a bit off. I have noticed that alot of pies are either a bit too greasy or the crust way too hard for me, like the crust from the magic mushroom place in Balingup. The pastry from the Donnybrook Bakery was the softer sort that I like but perhaps a little too doughy. Overall I thought it was alright but could have used more salt/meat and became the pie that you'd eat with tomato sauce.

That little chocolate chip muffin was amazing (see, I ate half in the car D: ). The chocolate was not any store bought chip I've ever tasted so I would like to know where it came from, extremely flavorful and cocoay (<--that's not a word.) The muffin came with a buttery rich cake appeal with no overwhelming sweetness. It was rich enough that it took me some time to get through, mmmhmm :3

I've not tried the Swiss rolls we'd bought (there's no room left in me!) but they look delicious and will provide incentive to eat all my dinners and pretend to not be full afterwards, as you do.

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