Thursday, July 21, 2011

Whereupon I Have Been Asleep

I have been sleeping... There has been internet silence from me for about 2 months now and the break has been nice, extremely refreshing. I got a little jobby putting apples in some boxes, pulled many weeds, rediscovered the nostalgia of pokemon and have tried to make nice with the my new neighbors (especially the local butcher who carries a quality of meat to die for. Well, the cow died for it.)

Yes finally, we have landed in Kirup! (See el mother in law's blog for more details -lazy- D: )

There must be pictures somewhere, ffs... -scrounges around madly- ...AHA!

The delicious locals, there are plenty of them.

Some bleedin' foliage in front of the pub.

I dunno why but classic cars park here alot. 

The cake I made for our last day of work before 3 week break.
Da Buns watching Vin Diesel.

Sorry for the small update but it's past 9pm and way past my new country bed time. I shall make effort to dig out more pictures! Must snap anything that moves! I'll take a walk tomorrow and pretend I'm playing Pokemon Snap, "You were close, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL!" :P

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