Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bunnicula Strikes Again

Oh Jesus, I haven't posted in a month and finally when I do it's pictures of animals?

I have become the crazy cat/rabbit lady.

Don't stop there, I took video, srsly.

I made another cake! (yay new piping set)
Everyone eated it :O!
My sister in law's china display
The bit of it I asked her to put in her will for me :)
My favorite tree between Donnybrook and Kirup
A tidbit of information since I have a migraine from shitty because pillows>neck>head>etc. (MiL brought me back a new one today from the 'Big City,' because she cares <3)

I recently (acshully like a month ago, lol living in the country sucks for mail) won a bid on a Zune HD 64 gig media player. I am like so excited and waiting for it to come in the mail soon, week sometime. But I did get my chain mail links in the mail, see I'm gonna try and make a chain mail bracelet 'cause I think I'm up to the job an stuff (if I get bored of it maybe the husband will do it.)

Sad  that the most exciting thing I have to do is wait for the mail to come. Backpacker Laura said if I plan on living in Kirup for a few years I should make some babies to pass the time. Personally I disagree with the idea of popping out a baby just for something to do like, "I'm bored, jeez this would be so much better if I had someone else's shit to clean up every few hours." So no, still no baby plans.

Monday approaches...

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