Sunday, December 2, 2012

Crazy Naked Chicks

I don't care what anyone says; they're beautiful. 

This weekend we picked up Transylvania naked necks from Chookloop, a hour and some drive all the way out in Yarloop. The lady that owns the nakeds, Cathy, urged me to buy a lotto ticket because we ended up with four pullets and just one cockerel. Pretty freaking lucky, eh? This is my first flock so any advice is like, totally welcome. I thought I named the little boy James Bond because he has a bow-tie on his neck but I keep calling him Boyfriend and Preacher, which makes the girls his choir girls. I swear to god they never shut the hell up. They're always; "Peep this!" and "Peep that!" I'm trying to sleep for chrissakes. They're currently staying in the house until we move to the new property at the end of the week, or next week, or whatever. Jarrad wants to move on the 15th I think, but we GETTHEKEYSONTHE10THWOOOO!!!

Boyfriend in the middle there^ More obvious white barring.
Buns and Skittles have been replaced. Not amused.
Jarrad hasn't really been taken with the chickens at all. I am like  totally excited though because they'll be the first thing in a long time that I get to watch grow up (except Evangeline. And the Janine's silkies.) Haven't really been working a lot because of some poopie doodle neck pain shitcrapfuck going on so I'm stuck inside with the peepers. Perhaps a valid time to box up my bookshelf :P


Might be awhile before I update again. Maybe some pictures from the work Christmas party, which is going to be awesome this year! Except that Janine was invited along so I think we all have to sit on our hands on the bus ride up the Perth -pout-

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