Thursday, November 15, 2012

Chicken Brain

 My brain is currently obsessed with chickens. I pester the shit out of them in the day time and dream of them at night time. I swear to god I heard myself give a residual cluck as I woke up this morning. (Spoiler: we might have a new housy soon so there-will-be-chickens. Many many chickens!)
"Look Renfield, I'm drinking wine and eating chicken!"
So the pastry thingies turned out awesome. I took them into work where they were quickly set upon and devoured. So freaking easy I even decided to make them again, though the next batch was lemon butter and peaches, mmmmph!

Jarrad and I went to the 2012 Dardanup Bull and Barrel festival with cages in tow, thinking there would be tons of livestock, as was previously described to me. Unfortunately there wasn't huge variety in poultry but we did snag four beautiful silkies and a wyandotte/orpington mix from Mirasole Chickens. I'm pretty sure that like three of the silkies are little boys but the lady gave us a discounted price on them and we've been able to rehome one of the boys because a workmate lost her silkie roo to a fox :(
Not sure if this is Petal? She was the mascot for the tent.
Bringing the birds home.
And bothering the shit out of them, literally.
Megan spoils the silkies.
And makes noises so they stretch their dorky necks up.
Pretty sure they were posing for me.

I thought I'd do a little entry about Janine's chickens. Well...the OTHER chickens. They're all her chickens because we bought the silkies for her as a present. I don't really remember all their names so you'd have to hop over to her blog and bother her about them. They really are handsome birds though. Oddly enough Debbie's property is for sale and can be found on Gumtree.
Debbie's driveway. Jelous.
Some chickens grazing@Debbie's.
Janine's chickens when they first arrived.

Wondering what the hell I'm doing singing at them.

Some real bull. A whole lot of it.
A barrell bull at the Bull and Barrel?

The main event.
How rude.
There was a takoyaki stall there. Mmmmph!
A drunken mistake. Why Australia, whhhhhhy?! 
Baby ducks! Get me a ducky ._. !
Rachel and her new flow toys. 100% jelous.
Dressed up for Halloween at work. Aussies say "wat?"

Sleepy Crunchies.
Sleepy Millies.
Newys! Looking beautiful this time of year.
Spoilers ahead!
I know it's a messy update but at least you know I'm alive now :)

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