Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sometimes Etsy is just really freaking awesome

Now Megan aren't you totally broke and sometimes even thinking of scraping up your own chicken shit into bags and selling it as garden fertilizer? Well, that is sort of correct..the huge purchase of a car a few weeks ago has left us eating rice and noodles b-b-but..this sign was just so freaking cute!

A few weeks ago I made a custom order on Etsy because I saw this lady doing signs super super cheap ($4, can't beat that) and I have no talent whatsoever so I'd rather buy these sorts of things. I got two signs actually, one got thrown in as an extra gift, pretty lucky! I think she felt bad about the crazy shipping rates.
Because I'm so classy I put them up by my front gate. Sort of matches :)
Maybe I'll paint the posts pink to match.
Taking this picture was hell for Jarrad. "Left, down, up, down alittle, up."
In conclusion: if you're as talent-less as I am and you just love this little chickens to death then you should go buy or just order a sign at this Etsy shop. The shop owner was a joy to chat with and copied the chickens from pictures I'd sent her off of my blog. Accurate down to the last little feather, I'd say.

So yeah, stop buying things online because that makes you poor :/

Someone buy me this shirt when it comes out so I can further terrorize my workmates with my chicken obsession. I'd like 7 of them please, one for every day of the week :)


  1. Was cruising on my bloglovin and thought "I know that gate" and yes it was your gate after all.

  2. Lol, what's a bloglovin? Ugh, sometimes you're too hip for me ._.