Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Morgenstern, my journey with IPL begins and HOUSE CHICKENS!

So I was reading this blog here because I have nothing better to do than cyber stalk people that I don't know IRL but are somewhat close to me (helloo gumtree, I know what you guys are selling!) So yes, I'm reading this blog and it appears to me that I've neglected something important. Apparently everyone needs to know what I'm currently listening to. So here goes. I hope you all knew I was this weird before posting this.

Brain Error-Nekromantix
Jonathan Davis/TheCure-Make me bad & In between days
Die Antwoord-Expensive Shit
Rammstein-Gib mier deine Augen
Oomph-I'm going down
Oomph featuring Nina Hagen-Fieber
Apocalyptica featuring Nina Hagen-Seemann
Devin Townsend Project-Vampira
Feuerschwanz-Zehn kliene Ritterlein
This 'Nosferatu Tribute'

That is a pretty strange mix, I'll admit.

Music has always heavily influenced my life in many ways. I must say that Rammstein has had, by far, the heaviest influence on my life so far. Where would I be if I hadn't heard the song Amerika when I was 16 and asked my uncle why they sang about my country that way? For certain that song opened my eyes to corporate greed and how it had taken over the world, made me doubt a little bit that not everything was apple pies and sweetened iced tea.

The song that's been overplayed and exhausted in my house and is finally coming to the middle chorus in my life is Rammstein's Morgenstern.

"She's so ugly that it gets dark 
when she looks into the sky
Then the light is frightened
It shines into her face from below
So she must hide during the day
She just doesn't want to scare the light
She lives in the shadows until the glow fades
She sees a star shining in the twilight and pleads
Paint beauty onto my cheeks

Morningstar, oh shine
onto the visage of mine
Cast a warm light
onto my frightening face
Tell me I'm not alone
Ugly, you are ugly"

This is my song, especially at the moment when I'm dreading tomorrow.

Tomorrow I'm going to my first appointment for IPL to get the hair removed from my face and I'm not so sure it's going to be a walk in the park. It's definitely time for it, Janine and Alan have stepped up to help me on my journey into hair-free land and I could not be more grateful. It is ungodly expensive and the manager of Smooth Synergy assured me that since the hair is caused by hormones that it is definitely not 100% but it will cause a huge reduction and she would know because apparently she could have grown a goatee in high school. Well that is definitely reassuring though because her face was as smooth as a baby's bottom, let me tell you.

゙(゚、 。 7
 l、゙ ~ヽ
 l、゙ ..ヽ
 じしf_, )ノ


Once Upon a time there was a mob boss named Little Boy and a mob wife named Bearded Lady. They loved each other in the way that only chickens can love and took many dust baths together through out the day. 
Lady was one tough little chicken and was top girl in the Naked Neck pen, even though she herself was indeed not so naked. She protected her eggs and once she found out her spot was discovered she quickly found another place to lay in peace.
Until the Giant Human Person came along and found her secret nest, chock full of goodies!
 Blackie has become the resident house chicken and lives in her own private condo above the rabbit's hutch. She comes in through the door at 5:30 each night and peeps loudly on the kitchen floor until we give her her own private dinner. That night it was bits of bread with milk and tea. All over my floor. -loud beak wipe-

 Megan also gets fed and spoiled to hell sometimes;karma for years of canned tuna with ramen noodles. Thanks Sun and Christine, we had a great night :)

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