Saturday, September 22, 2012

"It's a bakery :D!"

Total sob story, I don't think we can afford to see Gabriel Iglesias when he comes to Perth in October. That's like when I found out that Repo played in Toledo a month after I left and Andrew Zimmern was around AND THEN I MISSED RAMMSTEIN PLAYING IN PERTH BECAUSE I NEVER READ THE PAPER. And them's just the breaks.

I wish I could make him one thousand chocolate cakes.

BUT TODAY! I have something better.

Today we're making this:Blueberry Cream Cheese BraiddadadaDAAAAH!

I've been looking a lot lately into making my own sourdough starter but I've been sort of cowed by all the information out there and all the forums littered with bread fanatics freaking the fuck out about pineapple juice versus water and unbleached white versus rye flour and catching wild yeast versus using plums or grapes and yadda yadda yadda. It's enough to make my head spin like The Exorcist. Just make a loaf of fucking bread for christ sakes, it can't be that hard and long winded. 

Anyways, I'm waiting for this book to come in the mail (after I buy it, whenever that is :o...) so I can be better informed about this decision. Because making the perfect sourdough is like..a hardcore life decision yo. Respect. 

So I've coped out and found a recipe on one of the bread forums that uses instant yeast instead of starter, so it's all like "BAM I'M BREAD" instead of "Shh, I'm taking a nap, come back after you fed me." 

Obligational picture of Buns from this morning.
Jarrad's one looked nicer than mine >.>

 And here's the halfway point. As I'm typing this these suckers are in the oven and hopefully on their way. I didn't refrigerate them overnight but did so for only 6 hours. They should be fine, eh? Slow rise my ass, I say. Aw well, we'll see if they fall flat or not. In the mean time enjoy some local port and cheese that we got from Balingup this afternoon. Plum port from the Fruit Bat place (it's cheaper than the site list) and some cheeses from Cambray Sheep Cheese! Delicious.

Now I'm off the read The Sandman, since Rachel lent it to me. Just finished reading Linsner's Dawn comics, which were totally mind blowingly awesome. Must get the rest of The Walking Dead and iZombie when I have moneys :o!

Will try to remember to post results later!

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